Mom Shares Sobering Story Of Teenage Daughter's Near-Death Drinking Experience


A 16-year-old Minnesota teen skirted death earlier this year after raiding her parent’s liquor cabinet.  

According to Taylor Nelson’s mother, the girl was hospitalized after consuming two beers, six shots, and a handful of liquor-soaked blueberries in just a two hour span on a day she was left home alone. Her father found her unconscious when he got home and rushed her to the hospital.

When Nelson arrived at the hospital, doctors found she had a blood alcohol content level of .43 – over five times the legal driving limit. Her body temperature dropped to a frigid 95 degrees as her organs struggled to metabolize the massive amount of ethanol in her system. She spent 13 hours hooked up to a ventilator because she couldn’t breathe on her own. Luckily, she survived the scare.

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“We, by the Grace of God alone, will not be burying our child this week,” Kelliee Jo Nelson wrote in a Facebook post that’s been shared over 750,000 times now. “But only because we are extremely blessed. And extremely lucky.”

Nelson accompanied her post with this photo of her daughter in the hospital. She hopes her message can raise awareness about the dangers of binge-drinking.

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Source: Facebook, MailOnline


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