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12-Year-Old Hospitalized After He Drank Vodka At School (Photo)

A mom has posted an image of her 12-year-old son after he was hospitalized for drinking vodka at school.

Jo Owen found the boy in the backyard at their home, Metro reports. He was taken to a local hospital for treatment, where doctors said that his blood alcohol level was two and a half times the limit for driving.

"After being a parent for almost 13 years this is the worst 24 hours I have ever faced," said the boy's mother in a social media post warning others about the dangers of alcohol and peer pressure for children.

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"Finding [him] collapsed in my front garden yesterday after school U instantly knew something was not right," she wrote. "According to him he was just tired! Having got him in the house his condition deteriorated rapidly. Unable to string a sentence together, slurring his words and very soon vomiting profusely. Having to see my son like that was awful."

"Having called an ambulance, we had to face the wait in [the emergency department]," said Owen in her post. "At first they thought he had meningitis, possible stroke or just the effects of a really bad migraine."

She also revealed that her son had been trying to impress other boys at the school in Taunton, Somerset, England, who had been drinking vodka, Daily Mail reports.

"We have now found out from investigations at the school that over the course of three days [that he] had been downing shots of vodka that the ‘popular’ boys were bringing into school in Coke bottles," wrote the mom. "He was trying to impress these boys to fit in with them. And in turn almost died!"

"He is now feeling rather sorry for himself but out of danger," she added. "Peer pressure is real and can be deadly."

In 2016, an Applebee's restaurant in Tennessee accidentally served three children alcoholic root beer, leading at least one to go to the hospital, according to Eater.

An employee accidentally gave the alcoholic soda, called Not Your Father's Root Beer, to the children, and the children's father, Scottie Barnett, said two of them, aged 9 and 11, drank some before he realized what the drinks were.

The server is reported to have "insisted the drinks were root beer," before Barnett contacted the police and Applebee's corporate office.

"This is a 5.9 percent alcoholic drink," said Barnett, WJHL reports. "They don’t even serve root beer here at this establishment."

Barnett's 9-year-old son was taken to the hospital for stomach pain, but later released.

Applebee's representative Patrick Lenow said that the company will re-train staff at the restaurant, adding that it was "an isolated mistake in one restaurant owned by an independent franchise operator."

"Sincere apologies were made, the family accepted dinner as our guests and immediate re-training of all team members on duty took place," said Lenow. "Re-training of all team members of all the restaurants operated by this owner will be completed tomorrow."

Sources: Metro, Daily Mail, Eater, WJHL via WAVY / Photo credit: Imogene Huxham/Flickr, Metro

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