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Mom Says Toddler Was Covered In Bites After Daycare With 'No Supervision'

A Texas mother couldn't believe her eyes when she reportedly found 10 bite marks and scratches on her 18-month-old son at daycare.

Randi Grounds said that her son, Casey Gass, had sustained the injuries from another child at Little Jackets Learning Center, reports KHOU.

"She grabbed the clipboard, the teacher and said that there was an incident," Grounds said, when she came to pick up the toddler.

Grounds and her husband, Keegan Gass, said that they have seen Casey with minor scratches or bite marks before, but daycare workers brushed them off when they tried to talk about it.

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"It makes you feel bad even dropping him and bringing him to the daycare. It makes us feel like it's our fault," Keegan said. "It's not the kid's fault, it's the supervision. Apparently if he got bit 10 times in one day, then there is no supervision."

A spokesperson recommended that parents visit daycares several times throughout the day, so that they can get a realistic idea of how much supervision the children have.

The daycare's owner, however, told reporters that, while they are saddened by what happened, they did nothing wrong.
Little Jackets Learning Center posted a sign on their front door to explain the situation, and the director handed out pamphlets on why children bite, so that parents can be better educated on the matter.

"This is a sad occurrence, cause matters like this need to be handled in the correct way..." the notice on the door read. "WE was (sic) not over ratio and my Teacher did what she was suppose too (sic).

"We are working with the parents of the aggressor (child)," they added.

The daycare allegedly self-reported the incident with a state representative.

An investigation is currently underway.

KC Kids Doc states that biting is a very common occurrence at daycare: approximately half of all children in daycare are bitten at some point, usually toddlers. Biting is a phase that young children almost always grow out of, although most cases are not as extreme as this one.

As far as the Gass family goes, Grounds told reporters that she pulled Casey out of the daycare, and they do not know what they are going to do now.

Sources: KHOU, KC Kids Doc
Photo Credit: Facebook


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