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Mom Says She Was Kicked Out Of Concert For Breastfeeding, Police Say Child Was In Danger

A California woman claims she was kicked out of a country music concert Thursday because she was breastfeeding.

Chula Vista police claim they asked the 30-year-old mother to leave because she was endangering her child in the loud, crowded pit at the Brad Paisley show.

Megan Christopherson, 30, had her 4-month-old daughter strapped to her chest at Sleep Train Amphitheatre.

Police say concert security reported Christopherson because she was standing mere feet away from the speakers. Security claimed the child could have been crushed from a crowd surge or the baby’s ears permanently damaged from the noise.

A security officer asked her to move from the area.

“Your child doesn’t have hearing protection on,” the security guard said. “The crowd is going to start surging forward. Where you’re at, your child could get crushed. We’re afraid of your child’s eardrums being hurt.”

The guard said she could either relocate to the seated area of the venue for free or leave the amphitheater and receive a full refund.

Christopherson chose the refund, but insists her baby Gracie was fine. 

“She was actually on video completely content, sleeping away," said Christopherson. “I trust my motherly instinct that if my baby’s ears hurt, she would cry, and then I would move. She was sleeping contently.”

She believes she was approached because she was breastfeeding.

“A security guard came and took a picture of me,” she told NBC Los Angeles.

She claims she's taken Gracie to other concert venues without any trouble from security.

“I’m shocked. I’m disgusted at our society that women are shamed into nursing in bathrooms or their cars or feeding their baby a bottle only, because they’re scared to nurse in public,” she said.

One of her friends told NBC 7 that she was asked to stop breastfeeding during the concert because it was "making others uncomfortable."

“Security continued to stand next to her and even photographed her, taking the photos to the supervisor,” her friend said.

“This has nothing to do with breastfeeding,” the officer argued.

“The Chula Vista Police Department’s involvement in the incident was due to the welfare and safety of the infant and not due to a mother’s legal right to breastfeed in public," the department said in a statement released Friday.

“It was completely a cop-out," Christopherson said. "They’re trying to cover this up because they know they legally can’t remove me for nursing."

Sources: Daily Mail, NBC Los Angeles

Image screenshot from ABC 10


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