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Moms' Lack of Sleep can Affect Earning Power

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It will come as no surprise to moms that new research shows that women are two and a half times more likely than men to interrupt their sleep in order to care for others, reports the Washington Post. What may surprise you... it can affect your earning power.

The study, conducted by researchers from the University of Michigan, found that once they're awakened, women are awake longer -- 44 minutes, compared to 30 minutes for men, and the study suggests the lack of sleep can interfere with your success at work.

The study focused on adults in their 20s and 30s -- which is both the prime childbearing age and a typical time for career and salary growth.

"People are getting up for other things, too. We found that men are checking to make sure the door is locked, and especially older men are getting up to use the bathroom. But more women are specifically getting up to care for dependents -- that includes feeding, tending to physical or medical care, and especially for young children," says the study's lead researcher, Sarah Burgard.

"Poor sleep quality manifests quickly: You're unable to focus... it's a real limitation," says Brugard, adding that "the child-rearing responsibilities may be slanted at first due to breastfeeding," but "Then the responsibilities are never renegotiated."

Momlogic wants to know: Do you think a mother's lack of sleep has a direct influence on her career and salary?


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