Mom Raises Funds For Baby's Treatment After NHS Refuses To Cover Costs

A mother is on a mission to get her baby boy the treatment he needs after she was shocked to learn that England's National Health Service would not cover costs for her son's flat head syndrome.

Stephanie McAveeney, 28, can't believe that tummy tucks and breast enhancement surgeries are available on NHS, but the helmet her 4-month-old son needs to cure flat head syndrome is not.

McAveeney's son, Oakley, was diagnosed with Brachycephaly, a condition where a baby's head flattens due to continued pressure on one spot. There is a special helmet recommended for babies who suffer from Brachycephaly which helps encourage the bones to mold into a more rounded shape.

The helmet costs a little more than $3,000, and McAveeney was told that she would have to come up with the money herself.

McAveeney, who also has two daughters, is now trying to raise funds to get her son the helmet. She's received numerous donations already, including a $760 donation from charity organization Headstart4babies. That donation alone allowed the mother to put down a deposit on the helmet.

But McAveeney is not stopping there. She has organized a sponsored walk to raise money and awareness of the syndrome. She also criticized NHS for not covering the cost for her baby's treatment.

"We also want to raise awareness of the syndrome and also the fact that there are boob jobs and tummy tucks availbale on the NHS but not this," McAveeney told the Coventry Telegraph. "We want to help make it so it does become avilable as everyone we have spoken to is outraged that this isn't the case."

For more information on the fundraiser, you can visit Helmet treatment for Oakley on Facebook or Headstart4babies.

Source: Mirror Online, Coventry Telegraph / Photo Credit: Screenshot From Mirror Online


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