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Mom 'Mariam' Grows Goatee, Works in Circus

A mom who goes by the name of "Mariam" recently showed off her goatee on the ITV Network in the UK.

Mariam said her unwanted facial hair began growing after the birth of her son, when she was 21 years old.

A decade later, there would a full beard if Mariam didn't use a tweezer to pull each hair out  every day, reports Yahoo! News.

"It really grows as a goatee, as you can see," Mariam told ITV. "My chin got really red and inflamed from all the plucking, and some of the hairs were ingrown, so it always looked like I'd fallen on my chin. But when people asked what had happened and I told them they couldn't believe it."

Mariam has tried electrolysis three times, but the hair grew back. Doctors told her "it happened to lots of other women, so I shouldn't worry, but they didn't really give me a reason."

"When I decided to let it grow it didn't feel brave. It was more like a curiosity. I wanted to see what would happen to me. There was a big fear that everyone would turn away and nobody would talk to me anymore."

"I know myself more now,'" Mariam added. "There are always people with a fetish who might only be attracted by the beard, but that is the same with lots of things, even if I were a blonde woman."

She has put her hair to work in the circus as their bearded lady act. Mariam also writes a blog.

The medical terminology for women who have male-pattern hair growth is called "hirsutism." According to the Mayo Clinic website, "Hirsutism may arise from excess male hormones called androgens, primarily testosterone. Or hirsutism may be due to an ethnic or family trait."

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