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Mom Lindsay Jaynes Gets in Twitter Fight With Delta Airlines Over Breastfeeding

A woman trying to clarify Delta Airlines' breastfeeding policy as she prepared for a transcontinental flight with her 10-week-old son involuntarily launched a social media campaign in support of moms everywhere. A Delta employee told the mom via Twitter that she could not breastfeed without a cover, which the airline later said was “misinformation.”

Lindsay Jaynes tweeted @DeltaAssist and asked: "What's your breastfeeding policy? I'll be flying with my 10 wk old son and he won't nurse with a cover or take a bottle. Thanks."

@DeltaAssist tweeted back: "Lindsay unfortunately you are not able to breast feed if you don't have a cover up. I'm sorry. *SD"

Jaynes will be traveling next month from Orange County, Calif. to Sarasota, Fla.

Shocked, Jaynes tweeted: "My flight is six hours and he needs to eat every two hours. What do you suggest?"

The conversation continued with @DeltaAssist replying: "I would suggest pumping if you can and bringing it on board with you. You are allowed to bring breast milk on board."

Jaynes asked for a link to Delta’s policy specifying this rule, posting: "So even though I am legally allowed to breastfeed without a cover, you're saying I can't? Is there a Delta written policy?"

"I was shocked," Jaynes told WXIA-TV. "I was expecting a link to their policy I could print out just in case there were any issues. I heard about the woman who got kicked off a Delta flight for breastfeeding without a cover." 

The conversation was picked up by angry Twitter users around the country, who sent more than 1,200 tweets in reply to @ClassicHippie.

"Hoping @DeltaAssist will clarify for all of us mamas why they told @ClassicHippie she can't breastfeed on flight without a cover? NOT OKAY,” posted one Twitter mom.

An @DeltaAssist user with the initials TH then sent out an apology: “Delta welcomes breastfeeding mothers and babies on our flights. We apologize for the misinformation earlier. *TH"

Jaynes said Delta called her to apologize for the back-and-forth.

Even so, Jaynes wasn’t entirely convinced.

"I've flown Delta for years," she said. "And I don't feel like they're taking it seriously." 

Sources: WXIA-TV, The Blaze


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