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Oy. Mom Launches Web Site to Find Mrs. Right for Son

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Geri Brin wants her 31-year-old son, Colby, to find Mrs. Right -- so she has launched a "Date My Single Kid" section on her website to help aid in the search.

Geri and Colby talked to yesterday afternoon to discuss the details of their new endeavour.

momlogic: When did you come up with the idea to launch a website to help your son find the perfect mate?

Geri: About three months ago. Every time I spoke with someone at work or when I was out, we would manage to talk about our kids -- what they do for a living, if they're single, where they live. Then a light went off... I thought we should add a matchmaking service on our website,, to help set our single kids up on dates.

ML: Your son is now 31 years old ... at what age did it start to concern you that he was single?

Geri: Every mom wants her child to be happy and have someone and get married. When he was out of college, around 24 or 25, I wanted him to have someone who was permanent as opposed to dating this girl or that girl... or having women in and out of his life.

ML: What was Colby's initial reaction when you started playing matchmaker?

Geri: He wavered back and forth. Sometimes he thought it was a good idea if the date went well and sometimes it was dreadful. He wasn't consistent, but I do it whether he likes it or not. Colby is always willing to take a gamble so he doesn't lose out by meeting someone.

ML: How many ladies have you tried to set him up with? Any funny or unusual stories?

Geri: There have been about 5-10 women I've tried to fix him up with. One young woman worked at a local upholstery store. I was getting my sofa recovered and I thought the saleswoman was really pretty and had a nice personality. I chatted with her and learned she was single and had recently broken up with her boyfriend. Even her boss got in on the action, and Colby was willing to meet her, so they went out on a date.

Colby: My mom was a saleswoman -- she totally oversold it. She didn't just say the girl was pretty, she said she was "drop dead gorgeous". My mom and I have different taste -- she was attractive, but I wouldn't say, "drop dead." I took her to a Mexican restaurant. She was cool, but we didn't click. After going on many blind dates, I realized it's like starting at ground zero. When you meet someone through a friend or online, you exchange emails, texts, or you learn about them through friends... But blind dates are harder because there's no communication before, so I learned to lower my expectations about the date because I used to set them too high.

Geri: Then there was a dating disaster!

Colby: My mom tried to fix me up with her dental hygienist's best friend's daughter. (This is how far my mom would ferret out.) I was told she was a beautiful Russian James Bond vixen. I asked her out for drinks, but we never exchanged photos. I'm from Brooklyn and agreed to meet her at her place in Queens to pick her up. I don't know the area that well and finally find her huge apartment building. She buzzed me in, so I went upstairs. I didn't know she lived with her parents. An old Russian dude answered the door in a tank top and gave me a look like, 'Who the F are you?' I thought I had the wrong apartment, but then he slammed the door in my face and called her. She opened the door moments later -- she had two inches of makeup on. Everything was wrong. You could see the powder caked on her skin. She invited me in. She was getting ready and I tried to make conversation with her dad, but he wanted none of it. I knew it was over before it even began. I asked her where we should go and she had no clue! We ended up at a sports bar, drinking fruity drinks with umbrellas. The only thing we had in common was breathing oxygen!

ML: What kind of woman would you like Colby to find?

Geri: I would like her to be funny, nice, friendly, ambitious, and passionate about whatever it is she's passionate about.

ML: Do you have any dating do's or don'ts?

Geri: No, I feel that in today's society there are no musts... It doesn't make a relationship. She doesn't have to be Jewish, she doesn't have to live in a certain place... I just want my son to find a nice, loving girl. She must be nice and loving.

ML: Would it be acceptable to you if Colby decided to stay single?

Geri: It would be fine as long as he's happy. If he's happy with his decision, then I am happy.

ML: Has Colby ever dated a girl you didn't like before?

Geri: Yes, he dated a girl I only met once. I really didn't know her and only conversed about her with Colby but never spent time with her. She just didn't seem nice and I didn't like the idea of him being with a girl who wasn't nice or who made him unhappy or gave him anxiety. Relationships shouldn't cause anxiety.

ML: Do you consider Colby a mama's boy?

Geri: Not even close! He's not a mama's boy and I am not a typical Jewish mother. He doesn't allow me to be overbearing. In some ways, yes I am... but he's more like a close friend to me. He recently told me I am his best friend... I cried... and he later rescinded the title. (Just kidding!)

ML: Describe your family dynamic -- are you married or divorced? How many kids do you have?

Geri: I am divorced but Colby's dad and I have remained good friends over the years. I am in a relationship and have been living with someone. I have two kids. Colby is my oldest and I have a 28-year-old daughter who is in a relationship and living with someone.

ML: Colby, have you ever been engaged or in a serious relationship before?

Colby: I've never been engaged, but I have had a few serious relationships. In high school, I dated a girl for two years and in college I also dated someone for two years. Both relationships ended because I was too young and not ready.

ML: How do former girlfriends get along with your mom?

Colby: My friends love my mom. She's still close with my ex-girlfriend and her mom.

ML: Is it important that a girlfriend have a good relationship with your mom?

Colby: Yes. She doesn't need to agree with my mom on everything or love her character, but I would want them to get along and have a good relationship because I am close to my mom and we spend time together. For pragmatic reasons. It's important that she respect my mom!

Geri: I want her to like me. Anyone who marries Colby is lucky. I am going to be a great mother-in-law. Either she'll like me or not. Odds are she'll like me and I won't be jealous of her or feel she's taking my son away.

ML: Colby, do you feel your mom meddles when it comes to dating? What was your reaction when she started this section of her website to try to find you a date?

Colby: I don't think my mom "meddles" in a negative way... Usually my mom runs all her ideas by me. I am reticient to leap on an idea, but when she mentioned this, I thought it was brilliant and unique. Her credibility is as good as her last set-up... So it goes up and down depending on the date... I have met a few quality girls that were smart and attractive so I am glad I did this. But there were a few that I thought on sight were not my type, and I thought, "What was she thinking?"

ML: What's the reaction been from women when they find out your mom is trying to set you up and find Mrs. Right?

Colby: I don't think they care because they agree to go on dates with me, so I don't think it's negative.

ML: Why do you feel you're still single at 31?

Colby: I am not ready to settle down. I would like a girlfriend, but I am not looking for a wife right this second. I am dating -- in fact, I had a nice date last night with someone I met online. All my friends are engaged, married, and/or have kids. They felt like they were on a timeline or felt pressure to stay on schedule. I just never felt that pressure or need to rush things in my life.

ML: What kind of woman are you looking for?

Colby: My first requirement is intelligence. She needs to have a sense of humor and creativity, then physical attractiveness and a good heart. She doesn't have to be the warmest person, but I would like a good person, and I like quirky.

ML: Do you consider yourself a mama's boy?

Colby: I do! I rely on her for many things. I don't live with her, but I do rely on her for emotional support, advice, and friendship.

: Do you think more parents should help their kids find dates?

Colby: I am of the opinion that you should try things. My mom is more realistic and knows what I need and want vs. what I think I need and want. I feel a mom is more in tune with what's best for you. On the site, moms tend to be honest about their kids, so I feel it's a good idea for moms to help their kids find potential mates.


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