Mom Hannah Small Nearly Feeds Her Son Lumpy Mold Discovered On Pudding (Photos)

A mother in the U.K., who made a shocking discovery, after she found mold in a pudding she was about to feed to her 1-year-old baby.

Hannah Small, of Northampton, England, bought a pack of Ambrosia rice pudding at her local Sainsbury’s supermarket last month. But when the 22-year-old opened one of the snacks, which cost 78 cents each, for her son Riley, she found layers of lumpy, dark green and white mold.

Small checked the product expiration date, which was “12/2015,” before calling her mother for advice on what to do, Northampton Herald and Post reported.

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(via the Daily Mirror)

She has since received an apology from Ambrosia and the company is investigating the mishap.

“It panicked me knowing that I would have given that to my son and if he would have eaten it he could have been seriously ill,” Small told the Daily Mirror. "He's one year old and at that age where he wants to grab everything so could have easily taken the pot.”

The mother looked for holes in the packaging, but found nothing to indicate that it has been tampered with. Small then opened several other containers of pudding she purchased at the same store, but couldn’t find anything wrong.

She also posted photos of the moldy pudding online as a warning to other parents.

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(via the Daily Mirror)

Small, a childcare assistant, has vowed not to feed her child the rice puddings against after this incident.

“I used to like a lot of their products and so did my son, I used to give them to him every now and again as a treat,” she said. "But now I'm going to stay well clear so it cannot happen again. Thinking I could have fed that to my one year old son really made me feel sick.”

Premier Foods, which represents Ambrosia, has taken the product away to conduct further tests.

"The company got in touch to [apologize] and thanked me for sending the claim through,” Small said. "They told me that while the pot was at the factory it could have had a hole in it or the mould could have happened when it was en route to the store. All I wanted was an apology from the company that's all, I didn't want money.”

She added: "I just wanted to warn people because it's not right and they should produce that sort of food before putting it in their store.”

"Premier Foods operates to the highest standards of food safety and quality and we take any complaint about our products very seriously,” a Premier Foods spokesperson said. "We called Ms Small to [apologize] for her unfortunate experience and arranged for a courier to collect the product so that we can investigate. In line with our procedures, the product will be sent to an accredited laboratory for testing and we will share the results with Ms Small. "

Sources: Daily MirrorNorthampton Herald and Post / Photo Credit: Hannah Small via Caters News Agency


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