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Mom Gives Birth to "Black and White" Twins

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The chances of giving birth to a black twin and a white twin are a million to one, yet Carole Fraser was so certain that her babies would be literally bi-racial that she called them Salt and Pepper in the womb. Sure enough, the British mom, who is black, gave birth last spring to a white baby girl and a black baby boy.

She's totally unfazed by the odds, even if most other people are not. She and her husband Brian, who is white, have even been stopped on the street by curious Japanese tourists who snapped photos of the one-in-a-million twins.

"For us, that takes some getting used to because we just see them as our babies, and we're used to one being black and the other white. We sometimes forget that it might look strange to other people," the 42-year-old mom told the Mirror. "People comment on how different they look, but no one has ever said anything unkind."

Fraser's father is black, her mom is white, and her half-siblings are also white, so she's accustomed to living in a multi-colored household. In fact, Carole and Brian's 2-year-old daughter Ruby is also light-skinned.

Carole worries for her son who, like her, will grow up as the only dark-skinned child in a family of light-skinned siblings.

"I know that Daniel will never feel left out or different because we love all our children so much. We are a light-hearted, easy-going family, and we haven't thought about how we will prepare the twins for what other children might say," she says. "We will raise them to be self-confident and to believe in themselves, and I just hope they won't get teased at school."

As incredible as Carole's story may be, she's not the only mom to produce a pair of different-toned tots. Last year, another British couple had not one set of black and white twins, but two. Dean Durrant and Alison Spooner gave birth to Miya and Leah, one white and the other black. Their older twin sisters, Hayleigh and Lauren, were also white and black.

The odds of this happening are so rare that there aren't even statistics to say how often it occurs.

Aside from the amazing science of it all, births like these truly embody the idea of a bi-racial family.


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