Mom Fights Internet Trolls' Offensive Meme Of Her Son

AliceAnn Meyer has taken a stand against Internet trolls who have been mocking her 4-year-old son, Jameson. The boy has a genetic disorder, Pfeiffer syndrome, that can affect the bones inside the skull, hands and feet.

An unknown person lifted a picture of Jameson from his mom's blog, and made a profanity-filled meme that made fun of the boy's facial structure on Jan. 30.

"It's basically making fun of the way he looks," AliceAnn told ABC News in February. "The first time I saw it I just kind of looked at it and said 'It's not even funny.' Someone actually took the time to sit down and [create] it and I don't understand that. I was shocked, for sure."

"There are three types of Pfeiffer syndrome and it depends on the child itself," AliceAnn added. "In Jameson's case, he's got type 1, so neurologically he's 100 percent normal. He's delayed in speech and he's got some hearing loss, but his communication is normal. Just expressively, he's delayed."

AliceAnn found out about the offensive meme in a Pfeiffer syndrome Facebook support group and, to her shock, it had spread to other social media sites.

AliceAnn notified Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. All the sites removed the meme, but other Internet users soon reposted it.

"His face was everywhere and I thought it was a great opportunity to say, 'This is my son and this is who he is and this is what he has,'" AliceAnn added. "I can't stop people from doing horrible things, but if his face is out there, I may as well make it for good rather than bad."

AliceAnn wrote a blog on Jan. 31 entitled "This Is My Son Jameson, And No, You May Not Use His Photo," where she explained what Pfeiffer syndrome is, and her son's situation:

Jameson has had 2 cranial vaults, an anterior and a posterior, he’s had 4 sets of tubes placed in his ears, had his tonsils and adenoids removed, and soft palate reconstruction to help his sleep apnea. We know other kids, younger than Jameson that have had many more surgeries, and been through so much more. Some kids have had very serious surgeries to place shunts to drain fluid and relieve pressure in their heads (chiairi malformations).

These kids undergo multiple major surgeries early in their lives and they are never really able to 'just be kids'. These are the kids you are making fun of. Let me also tell you there are a whole bunch of different craniofacial syndromes other than Pfeiffer syndrome. And there are also kids born with craniosynostosis that don’t have any syndrome at all linked to it.

...So, to all of you out there that are laughing so hard at my son, know that this in fact could be your child. And if one day this does happen to one of you that are out there laughing and making fun, I hope and pray you change your heart and welcome that child with loving arms.

(Note: Opposing Views isn't publishing Jameson's picture without permission, but you can see this adorable little boy at his mom's blog and ABC News, both linked below. Of course, please respect his mother's wishes.)

Sources: ABC News, Jameson's Journey / Photo credit: –wiki-vr *illustrator : JNL/Wikimedia

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