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Mom Dies One Week After Premature Triplets Come Home

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A British mother died one week after her premature triplets were brought home.

Rachel Park, 39, died under circumstances that were "unexplained but not suspicious," police told the BBC.

Park had given birth to Poppie, Mollie and Evelyn in March. The babies had been hospitalized for most of the year after being born 14 weeks prematurely, but made it home in time to spend Christmas with their parents.

“Our girls have been on a huge journey so far, and because of that, we're going to make sure their first Christmas will be extra special,” Rachel told the Daily Mail in an interview just days before her death. “We were so scared that they may not make it this far and will therefore be really celebrating the festive season. They're the only presents we want. We just sat on the sofa thinking, 'They are our family.' They lay on our laps, and we were in disbelief.”

She added: “It was touch-and-go with all three at some point, but they're all out and fine now. We were told to prepare for the worst. They've had quite a tough journey but they're growing now and doing well. We're looking forward to Christmas; there's toys everywhere!”

An online fundraiser has been set up to help Steven Park, Rachel's widower, raise the triplets.

A similar tragedy struck a Kansas family in February, when Casi Rott died one week after giving birth to triplets due to a blood clot in her lungs, according to People.

Sources: Daily Mail, BBC, People / Photo Credit: Park Family via BBC

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