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Mom Dies After Allergic Reaction To Sorbet

A British mother of two suddenly collapsed and died just moments after taking a few bites of sorbet inside of a Greek hotel, even though management knew about her specific food allergies.

Reports say that 50-year-old Amanda Thompson was traveling in Greece with her family in 2012 when she ate a few bites of sorbet at her hotel in Rhodes. Thompson told her husband that she might be experiencing a severe allergic reaction, and the two went up to their room.

Thompson collapsed once they got to the room and never woke up.

During a recent inquest, it was revealed that Thompson alerted the hotel to the fact that she was highly allergic to milk, eggs and apples.

Although the Greek coroner initially said that Thompson died of natural causes, likely heart failure, a British pathologist later determined that she died of anaphylactic shock from an allergic reaction to an ingredient in the sorbet.

“The conclusions of the coroner have been welcomed by Mr. Thompson and his family,” Louise Wilcox, the family’s lawyer, said. “Mr. Thompson has always believed that his wife's death was as a direct result of food eaten at the hotel, but not until the conclusion of the inquest was this acknowledged. Whilst the family remain devastated for the loss, there is some relief that they finally have the answers as to what actually happened to Amanda.

“We will now be taking legal action in the civil courts as the family believe that Amanda's death should have been avoidable. The family are extremely grateful to the coroner for the thorough nature of the Inquiry.”

Thomson, the travel agency, released a statement following the verdict of the investigation, saying, “We note the verdict of the inquest today and we'd like to extend our deepest sympathies to the family at this extremely difficult time.”

Sources: Daily Mail, International Business Times / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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