Nigerian Mother Gives Birth To Two White Children (Photos)

A woman of Nigerian heritage has given birth to two pale-skinned, blue-eyed children, the odds of which doctors called a million-to-one.

Catherine Howarth, 35, and her husband, Richard, 37, were shocked when they saw their daughter, Sophia. Their previous child, 3-year-old Jonah, was born with fair skin and blue eyes, and they didn't think it would happen again, the Daily Mail reported.

"When I had Jonah he was so white both Richard and I thought the midwife had given us the wrong child," Catherine told the Daily Mail. "But if anything, having Sophia has been even more of a shock because we were sure it couldn't happen twice.

"I was stunned when I saw her blue eyes and light skin."

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"When Jonah was born, a genetic specialist said he was a one-in-a-million baby," Catherine explained. "He said it was extraordinary with my African background that I'd had a child with blue eyes and pale skin.

"So when Sophia was born with white skin and blue eyes I was more than taken back with shock," the mother added. "It seems the odds of it happening twice are millions-to-one. No-one has heard of a black mum having two white babies one after the other."

Jonah was born on June 1, 2014. the Daily Mirror reported. Sophia was born in March. Doctors were also shocked when they saw the child.

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"Each time doctors and midwives have all commented on our babies' amazing [coloring]," Catherina said. "People often get confused when they meet me with the children for the first time.

"You can see them doing a double take, wondering if I am their mum. I do get tired of being stopped in the street by people asking if I'm the nanny. People seem to find it hard to understand how I could give birth twice to white children.

"But when people get to know us more, they often say despite their blue eyes and white skin, they can also see a lot of my characteristics."

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Catherine is of Nigerian descent. She has one theory as to how she gave birth to two pale-skinned, blue-eyed children.

"The only explanation seems to be there must have been a white gene in my family that has remained dormant for years until now," she explained. "And now it seems to be very dominant."

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The stunning looks of the two children even got them the attention of modeling agencies. Sophia landed her first modeling job at just 3 weeks old, while 3-year-old Jonah has already been contacted by five modeling agencies.

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"While it is interesting how the genes have aligned themselves, it doesn't matter to us what [color] our children's skin is," Richard said. "We just feel incredibly lucky to have a beautiful son and daughter. Having healthy and happy kids is all that matters."

Sources: Daily Mail, Daily Mirror / Photo credit: Howarth/Featureworld via Daily Mail

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