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Mom Arrested for Cheering Teen Daughter On During Fistfight

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Another girl fight hit YouTube this week ... which is unfortunately nothing new. But the unexpected twist to this one? One teen girl's mom was on the sidelines cheering her 16-year-old daughter on.

April Newcomb, 39, has now been formally accused of child abuse.

A spokesman for the Manatee County Sheriff's Office, Dave Bristow, said, "We're basically in shock (that) a parent can sit there and watch their child and not intervene. ... It's pretty obvious this is child abuse."

If convicted, Newcomb faces up to five years in prison. She's free on $15,000 bail.

Do you think she should go to jail for egging her child on?

View the CBS News report and footage of the fight here.

Worried about your own teen getting into a fist fight? Here are signs from Dr. Lisa Boesky that your daughter may be ready to snap.

1. Getting increasingly irritable or agitated (short fuse)
2. Starts finding fault with everyone, constantly sees self as victim
3. Verbally threatens peers or family members
4. Experiences a major loss, gets in major trouble, or is humiliated
5. Says things like "I can't take it anymore" or "I'm going to make them pay"

How do you keep your own child from thinking fighting is OK? Check out our discussion guide in HTML or PDF form.


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