Critics Blast Mom For Piercing Crying Baby's Ears (Video)

Critics Blast Mom For Piercing Crying Baby's Ears (Video) Promo Image

A Florida stay-at-home mom found herself at the center of a heated debate that included child abuse accusations after she posted a video (below) of her infant daughter wailing while getting her ears pierced.

The video, which shows the baby getting her earlobes done with a piercing gun while her mom holds her still, was filmed in 2012 before going viral in mid-June, but that didn't stop people from criticizing 34-year-old Crystal Lynn, reports the New York Post.

Lynn said she posted the video to educate people on why some parents have their babies' ears pierced.

"We chose to pierce our daughter's ears at a young age because it is proven that most who wait until they are older, around five to 10 years of age, usually end up with an infection because they don't stop touching them," Lynn said, according to The Mirror.

Emily, the 4-month-old baby in the video, is now five, and Lynn said the girl "loves her earrings" and "does not remember the piercing at all."

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"When you pierce them young they don't feel, but maybe 30 seconds of pain, if any pain at all and we as parents take care of the piercing and they are less likely to mess with them," she explained.

But a number of parents were not having it.

"Cruel, just cruel," one person commented on the Facebook video, according to the Mirror. "Hope [mom] is happy putting her lovely daughter through this trauma."

Another urged parents to let their kids "choose when they are old enough" rather than putting them through a procedure they might not even like, adding that moms are supposed to "protect" their young, not needlessly inflict pain on them.

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"Something else that needs to be made illegal until the child can decide for itself," wrote another viewer. "It is abuse, pure and simple."

Others offered their support, pointing out that the girl can remove the earrings at any time if she decides she doesn't want them anymore, while some chimed in to say they did the same thing to their kids.

"My daughter loves her earnings and she sees herself as batman with pretty ears," said one mom why added that she does not regret doing the same to her daughter, despite a little bit of crying. "It's much easier to get them done as a baby than when they're older. Fact."

If you are going to get your infant or child's ears pierced, it is reportedly far better to have it done with a needle at the hand of a professional, rather than with piercing gun, as it is safer, more hygienic and often hurts less, since there is less trauma to the ear, according to Five Minutes For Mom.

Sources: New York Post, Daily Mirror, Five Minutes For Mom / Photo Credit: PixabayBritt Reints/Flickr, Haylee Sherwood/Flickr

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