Mom Battling Deadly Cancer Gives Birth to Son Seven Weeks Early


Kathy Taylor, 33, was pregnant with her sixth child in July when doctors gave the Utah mother some very bad news: the skin cancer she had been diagnosed with seven years ago had returned and it was even more aggressive. Despite health concerns, Taylor prematurely gave birth to a baby boy last week – but continues to fight for her life after the melanoma spread throughout her body, reports Daily Mail.

Taylor, who had melanoma removed from her back seven years ago, made the decision – along with husband Nathan Taylor – to forego treatment this summer because she didn’t want to risk her unborn baby’s life. But at just 26 weeks, Taylor said the pain she felt was unbearable. She was admitted to the hospital, where she was induced and gave birth to baby Luke, who weighed just 1 pound, 15 ounces and was the length of a pencil, according to Deseret News.

“She was doing everything in her power to hold that baby in her, so she could give him the protection and nourishment she needed to as a mommy,” said Taylor’s mother-in-law Jocelyn Taylor.

Taylor, whose oldest child is 10, is reportedly unable to hold her son and he is expected to remain in the hospital until December. Meanwhile, she is receiving treatment at Huntsman Cancer Institute. She recently began a new treatment and her family is hopeful that it will extend her life, but they are still preparing for the worst.

“She gave the gift of life to this child and we, who are going to stay on Earth, have a responsibility, and we are going to love this guy,” Jocelyn said.

The mom’s oldest daughter, Ally, celebrated her birthday this week and family set up computers at the hospital and home so that Kathy could see her daughter open presents via Skype.

Several strangers have reportedly contacted the family to express their concern for Kathy – a fact that has touched her family.

“The love we feel from total strangers,” Jocelyn said. “We’ve had emails from people saying how inspired they are by Kathy’s fight. There is no power on this Earth like love.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Deseret News

Photo Credit: GoFundMe


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