Mom Banned from McDonald's, Says Play Areas Filthy, Germ-Ridden

An Arizona mother has begun a crusade to tell the world just how dirty those McDonald's playgrounds are. And now she is banned from nearly a dozen of the chain's restaurants in her home state.

Legal Blog Watch reports that Erin Carr-Jordan took her fours kids to a PlayPlace earlier this year and was stunned by how filthy she claimed it was. She came back and took some swabs and sent that off to a laboratory. She made a video that detailed the unacceptable germ levels, including strains of staph, fecal contamination and other pathogens that could cause serious diseases:

A McDonald's official responded by telling the Los Angeles Times that the conditions were "unacceptable, completely unacceptable, but not reflective of our business and our restaurants. As far as I'm concerned, it was an isolated matter. And we took immediate corrective action to thoroughly sanitize the PlayPlace."

But it apparently was not isolated. Carr-Jordan said she visited fast food playgrounds of McDonald's and other chains in 11 states and found pathogens in virtually every one.

And now the backlash against her. Consumerist reports that Carr-Jordan wrote on her Facebook page this week that she received a hand-delivered letter from the owner of the McDonald's that she first visited banning her from that location and ten others that he owns in Arizona.

Carr-Jordan pointed out that she has never even set foot in those other ten restaurants. And now she apparently never will.


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