MOM BABY GOD Play Parodies Pro-Life Advocates, Who Hit Back (Video)

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MOM BABY GOD is an one woman theater performance by actress and pro-choice advocate Madeline Burrows, who wrote the play based on her experiences of going to anti-abortion conferences, fundraisers and rallies, where she talked to participants.

According to the MOM BABY GOD website:

The show follows an up-and-coming teenage anti-abortion activist as she navigates the political terrain at the fictionalized Students for Life of America Conference. Six other characters–from priests to abstinence-only sex educators–provide humorous, insightful and shocking looks into the movement.

Before the play begins, audience members are given name tags when they enter the theater as if they were going to an anti-abortion conference, where they are addressed by seven characters all played by Burrows.

However, Kristan Hawkins, of the real Students for Life of America, wrote a skewering response to the play on The Christian Post.

Hawkins claims that one of the Students for Life team members secretly recorded the play in New York City (which may be a violation of copyright), but claimed the footage was "too vulgar to release to the general public."

But a video trailer (below) for the general public is currently on YouTube and does not contain any vulgarity.

At one part in the play, Burrows says, "We're all abstaining from sexual intercourse while we speak" and leads the audience in a chant of "We are the bully generation!"

Hawkins doesn't give any details of Burrows' play except to slam it as "unoriginal" and states:

So Burrows took a little creative license and set aside actual facts to craft a theatrical mockery of the work that we do at Students for Life of America. She's admitted that she had to fictionalize the conference, and, in the Q&A session after her play's premiere, she said that she even had to change information about fetal development relayed in the play because the truth was causing some of her (mostly left-wing) audience to question their pro-choice views.

The Daily Gazette of Swathmore College reported on a different Q&A session that Burrows had after the play.

“One of the questions that people always ask me is, ‘How much of this stuff is real? Did you make most of this stuff up?’ And I wish I could say that all this is just a fabrication of my own, but it’s based on real people... conversations, interviews I had with people, speeches,” said Burrows.

“One thing that really struck me was, they are really well-organized, really vocal, and really unapologetic,” added Burrows. “But they’re not the majority of the people in this country. But they’re winning, because they’re really out there, and they’re unapologetic and they’re in your face.”

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