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Mom Arrested for Duct-Taping Child to Chair

A photograph published on Web site Mediatakeout shows a smiling woman posing next to a toddler who's duct-taped to a chair. The child also has tape over her mouth.

The woman's face and the toddler's face are both blurred, however, meaning police couldn't identify them and prosecute the woman - until she decided to come forward herself.

But Pennsylvania woman Caira Ferguson, 21, didn't initially confess: she concocted a story that someone had stolen her identity and was posing with her baby daughter, Camryn, in the photograph. She even gave a copy of the photo to police - which only helped them determine the woman in the picture was indeed Ferguson.

Police searched Ferguson's home and removed a purple chair that matched the chair to which the child was duct-taped in the picture- and it even had remnants of tape on the arms and legs, according to police reports published on The Smoking Gun.

When confronted with this evidence, Ferguson admitted to having taped Camryn to the chair six months ago. She was then charged with unlawful restraint, false imprisonment, and child endangerment. She's now in the Delaware County Jail, and is being held without bail.


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