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Baby Born With Two Front Teeth (Photos)

A mother says she was shocked when she learned her baby was born with two front teeth.

Samantha Lines, 29, of Rugby, Warwickshire, England, called it a "complete surprise" when she found out her baby, Ella-Rose, was born with two fully formed teeth, the Daily Mail reported.

While most babies start teething after six months, Ella-Rose was born with two tiny white lower incisors. Lines admitted her baby's teeth made her nervous about breastfeeding.

"Her teeth are only small so hopefully it won't be too painful," she told the Daily Mail. "I've got bottles in case it is too difficult but it seems fine at the moment."

Line had been trying to conceive with her partner Jason Doombs, 42, for years before becoming pregnant with Ella-Rose. They call the child, who was delivered by cesarean section, their "little lucky baby."

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"I was completely delirious with all the morphine and other painkillers," Line explained. "Suddenly a midwife said my baby had two front teeth. It was a complete surprise. Everyone was telling me how amazing it was that my baby had front teeth, but I had very little idea of how rare that is."

Only 1 in every 3,000 babies are born with teeth, The Sun reports.

Doctors told Lines about the potential dangers of babies being born with teeth.

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"I've been told that I have to keep an eye on the teeth in case they fall because they could be a choking hazard," she said. "I'm not even sure whether or not I should be brushing them or not. They look very delicate, so I don't know whether I should even be touching them at all."

"It's just something extra to deal with on top of everything else," she added. "You're trying to learn everything when you're a new mum, but I need more guidance."

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Sources: Daily Mail, The Sun / Photo credit: Cheryl Holt/Pixababy, SWNS via Daily Mail

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