Mother Discovers Shocking Reason Behind Random Sickness


A Georgia mother who became randomly sick along with her daughter discovered the shocking reason behind the bizarre illness — a room full of mold in their rental home.

Cherylyn Woody and her 4-year-old daughter discovered black mold in a hidden room in their apartment in Duluth, Georgia, nine months after moving in.

"I rented the home and I had no idea this room even existed until myself and my daughter became increasingly ill and finally figured out it had to be environmental and had the home inspected," Woody told HLN.

Woody added that her daughter's symptoms began six months into their rental — which included "deep chest wheezing," coughing, watery eyes and drainage in her sinuses.

"The last couple of months she has gone to the pediatrician, she had an inhaler, she’s never had problems before," Woody told WSB-TV.

The girl's symptoms didn't improve despite these efforts, prompting Woody to become suspicious as to the reason behind the illness.

According to the daughter's lab results, she had eight fungi in her sinuses. A mold inspector came to the home, and at first glance, he didn't notice anything wrong with the home or the crawl space underneath it.

"Upon further investigation I pulled this board right over and we found a room segregated from the rest of the house," inspector Paul Cervino said. "We noticed there is a flight of stairs that leads into an access point that has recently been covered up with sheet rock and plaster."

Dr. Ken Redcross told HLN that black mold can, in certain cases, be "deadly" for children.

The property management company's attorney, Monica Gilroy, told WSB-TV that the company was unaware of the mold issues inside the rental home.

"My clients will be conducting their own mold testing of the Property," Gilroy wrote in an email.

"As to allegations that the Property has a 'hidden' portion of the house, my clients have no knowledge of the same. In fact, on Friday afternoon, they sent their own staff member to look at the Property and were directed to a crawl space area under the home, not in the main portion of the Property.”

Sources: Nancy Grace/HLN, WSB-TV / Photo credit: Nancy Grace/HLN via Daily Mail, WSBT-TV

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