Molecular Biologist Says Marijuana Can Kill Cancer Cells (Video)


Molecular biologist Dr. Christina Sanchez, of the Universidad Complutense in Madrid, Spain, claims that THC (a cannabinoid in marijuana plants) can kill cancer cells without damaging healthy cells in humans.

According to, Dr. Sanchez recently explained in a video (below) how THC kills cancer cells.

“We observed that the cannabinoids were very effective in reducing tumor growth,” says Dr. Sanchez. “Cells can die in different ways, and after cannabinoid treatment, they were dying in the ‘clean’ way. They were committing suicide, which is something you really want.”

Simply smoking marijuana will not help kill off cancer cells, but a more potent delivery
of the right cannabinoids is effective, according to overseas studies.

Dr. Wai Liu, a British cancer specialist, told The Huffington Post, “Cannabinoids have a complex action. It hits a number of important processes that cancers need to survive. For that reason, it has really good potential over other drugs that only have one function. I am impressed by its activity profile, and feel it has a great future, especially if used with standard chemotherapies."

"Chemotherapy works by disrupting these dysfunctional growth signals,” added Dr. Liu. “Therefore, any cancers that have these profiles should respond to the chemotherapy. It just so happens that a number of cannabinoids can target these very same mechanisms that make cancer what it is, and so any cancer that exhibits these faults should respond well to cannabinoids. The flip side is, of course, that other cancers may not have these same genetic faults and so cannabinoids may not work as well."

“I cannot understand why, in the [U.S.], cannabis is under Schedule I,” states Dr. Sanchez. “It is pretty obvious not only from our work, but from work from many other researchers, that the plant has very wide therapeutic potential.”

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