New Weight-Loss Mantra: Eat Like a Baby

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With so many books and "experts" out there telling us the newest craze toward achieving nutritional perfection, it can be hard to navigate through it all. I would know, because it took 15 months after Regina Jade was born to lose the 50lb of baby weight that I packed on thanks to cravings like red velvet cupcakes and McFlurries!

Anyway, when it comes to finding reliable nutritional standards, I've realized we needn't look much further than the nutritional guidelines for feeding a baby. Their pure little bodies require and deserve only the best, so looking at what and how they are eating clues us into the direction we should be headed...all crazes, gimmicks, latest research and b.s. aside.

Fruits + Veggies:
How Baby Eats - All baby first-foods are pureed vegetables and fruit.
What We Learn - Eat a bunch of fruits and vegetables, their maxed out nutrients ward off disease and keep the scale low.

Eat When Hungry:
How Baby Eats - If a baby isn't very hungry, they don't eat a lot. It's that simple. Some days they will grub down, other days they don't seem to want anything.
What We Learn - Start listening to your body and respond to its real needs; if you're not super hungry for dinner one day, then don't eat a ton.

No Crappy Food:
How Baby Eats - No one in their right mind would give a baby things like pepperoni, soda, pixi stix, easy-cheese, gummy worms or Doritos. That's because they are loaded with processed food grossness and toxic ingredients.
What We Learn - Avoid eating processed foods whenever possible. The research that has come out about all the disguised toxins packed into ingredient lists and the dangerous yet ever-present high-fructose corn-syrup, is staggering and disgusting.

So there you have it, eat like a baby and you should be on your way to supreme health. It's basically the nutritional plan I've been dedicated to in a nutshell and I think it holds a lot of weight. I wouldn't go as far as saying I've ever sat down with a jar of babyfood, but I'll admit I've been known to snack on Cheerios.

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