Model Reveals What She Covered Up For 10 Years (Photos)


After more than a decade, a former model has taken off her makeup to reveal that she has had a rare skin condition for 12 years.

Breanne Rice, 31, of Seattle, says she has spent the last decade covering up her face for everyone except her parents. 

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Rice was diagnosed with vitiligo, which caused her to have large blotches of pale skin on her face and body.

While working as a model, Rice would show up for photoshoots already made up. She even wore foundation to the gym to cover the blotches on her face. She says she hid her condition from even her closest friends.

Now, Rice has decided to take off the makeup and reveal her condition in an effort to inspire other women to embrace their own skin and bodies.

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"At first I wanted to look normal so I hid my skin whenever I went out," Rice said. "It took me 45 minutes to put my foundation on each morning. I was afraid to tell people how I looked. The point of my job was to be attractive and confident, and there was pressure to look perfect."

Rice, who now works as a nutritionist, explained her condition in an interview with Natura Culina.

"Vitiligo is an auto-immune disease where your body attacks your skin’s pigment and turns it white," she explained. "My vitiligo started as a white patch around my eye when I was 19, then spread rapidly by the time I had reached 26."

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The former model says that since she revealed her condition, the response has been positive and that her message has had an impact on many other women.

"I have so many women message me saying they're inspired by me," she said. "In the last couple of years, I've been OK with how I look. Last week I went to a restaurant with no makeup on. People do stare but I just tell myself, 'They look at you because you're beautiful.'"

Vitiligo is the same condition late singer Michael Jackson was diagnosed with, causing his skin color to lighten in spots, according to the Daily Mail.

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