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Model Lauren Scruggs Walks into Propeller; Loses Hand, Face & Brain Injuries

A Texas model suffered severe injuries when she exited a small plane and walked right into its spinning propeller.

Lauren Scruggs, 23, got off of the plane at Aero County Airport in McKinney, Texas Saturday night and got too close to the propeller. It hit her on the left side of her body -- her head, her face and her hand. Doctors were forced to amputate her hand.

"Following multiple surgeries, Lauren has received facial and shoulder reconstruction, as well as the loss of her hand," said family friend Janee Harrell. "We are currently praying for healing on the left eye and brain. She is in a stable condition with ongoing surgery. Keep praying!"

Harrell said Scruggs was able to respond to her father's request to squeeze his hand, according to the Daily Mail.

Scruggs is a part-time model and worked in the wardrobe department of the TV show "Gossip Girl." She is also an editor an online fashion magazine, for which she interviewed "Twilight" star Kellan Lutz recently:

LoloMag Kellan Lutz Interview from Aaron Craig on Vimeo.


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