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Model's Slimming Tactic Likely Causes Hospitalization

A model captured national attention after posting photos on March 11 of herself in hospital with kidney disease. Her waist trainer likely caused the problem.

“Hospital bound … Kidney disease healing mercies oh Lord need your prayers ya’ll,” the 24-year-old model, actress, writer, and producer -- who calls herself Princess Shyngle -- wrote on Instagram.

The model often wore a waist trainer, a type of corset that makes the waist look slimmer, leading many to speculate her condition was caused by it.

Princess Shyngle reportedly has a 22-inch waist and a 44-inch behind, which she has previously said is due to her diet rather than the controversial slimming technique, the Irish Examiner reports.

“I exercise every single day, I don't have to go to the gym but I make sure I do my sit-ups at home," she once said. "I drink my green tea, warm water and lemon every day and I am always on a diet. Naturally, I have always been curvy. The slim waist is the result of waist training but the figure is God given.”

Experts warn waist trainers can cause internal damage and other medical problems.

“If someone gets addicted to wearing a waist trainer day after day, the inner organs will shift,” Dr. Galyna Selezneva explained to the Daily Mail. “There will be a disbalance in the cavity as it is not normal to have such as small waist. There can also be changes to the ribs and bone structures. Obviously if you are wearing them repeatedly, you are not exercising the muscles so they are also wasting.”

Personal trainer Peter Lemon agrees: “Waist training can have some serious health risks due to compression -- such as skin infections, pulmonary problems, kidney issues and lung issues."

Selezneva says waist training is particularly dangerous for young women.

“One of the risks is that young girls will be easily influenced by this trend, particularly as it is endorsed by celebrities,” she said. “If started at a young age before the body and muscles have fully developed, waist training could have potentially permanent health risks for young people. It is absolutely not advisable to start waist training while you are still growing into an adult.”

Sources: InstagramIrish Examiner,Daily Mail / Photo credit: The Grio

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