Model Daphne Selfe Beautiful at 83 Without the Help of Plastic Surgery

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These days, you’d be hard pressed to find a model or actress over 30 who hasn’t had some kind of work done. Plastic surgery has become ubiquitous in our society, and in the worlds of fashion and entertainment it's practically the industry standard.

Not the case, for Daphne Selfe. The 83-year-old runway model doesn’t buy into cosmetic surgery. Her ageless beauty is all natural.

“I’ve never had anything done to my face,” Selfe told the Daily Mail. “Not that poison, not a facelift. I think it’s a waste of money. Anyway, I couldn’t afford it.”

Selfe recently posed for a marketing campaign in which she wore the iconic Gaultier corset donned by Madonna throughout her 1990 “Blonde Ambition” tour (see pictures below).

“I thought they might have done a bit of airbrushing,” joked Selfe.

In a field that values youth and physical perfection above all else, Selfe is perhaps the only woman alive who can boast of a 50+ year career. Her professional modeling experience dates back to the mid 1950s when she posed for household ad campaigns.

Despite her unparalleled longevity, the elegant octogenarian says she would never want to go back to modeling full time. She credits good genes and a lifetime of avoiding drugs and alcohol with helping her retain her svelte figure and youthful glow.

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