Mitt Romney: Let People with Pre-Existing Conditions Die

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The Republican presumptive nominee has said repeatedly on the campaign trail that he intends to strike down the Affordable Care Act the minute he sets foot in the oval office.

He may be the spiritual author of the bill, but as far as Willard 2012 is concerned, the health care reform bill lovingly referred to as Obamacare is the worst legislative invention since the income tax.

What Willard “Mitt” Romney hasn’t explained, however, is just how he plans to abolish an act of congress rightfully passed by both chambers and ratified by the president. Time for a political science lesson, Mitt?

He has also failed to articulate just what he’s going to do about the more popular measures in the ACA.

You see, the dirty little secret about the ACA is that the individual measures in the sweeping reform poll well on their own. It’s only when the whole thing is lumped together and tagged as “Obamacare” that people start to turn up their noses. I love healthcare! Oh, Obama gave it to me -- I hate it.

See, the American people like being able to get health care even if they have pre-existing conditions. They like keeping their kids on family plans until the age of 26. What they don’t like is the socialist caricature of health reform that the right wing media machine has painted using Super PAC dark money and Fox News.

Mitt Romney is well aware of this disconnect, which is the most likely reason that he publicly pillories “Obamacare,” yet refuses to address the individual issues in our health care system.

At least until recently.

This week, Romney finally explained his own heartless position on the issue of pre-existing conditions to a group of donors at an Orlando fundraiser: tough sh*t.

That’s right. Under a Romney administration, insurance companies would be free to deny coverage to any person with a pre-existing conditon, also known as the people who need health care the most.

“Governor Romney supports reforms to protect those with pre-existing conditions from being denied access to a health plan while they have continuous coverage [emphasis added],” clarified Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul in an interview with ABC News.

Confused? You should be. Allow me to help unparse Ms. Saul’s words. Insurance companies should cover your conditions as long as they aren’t pre-existing. So if you’ve had a condition for your entire life or you get sick during a gap in coverage, once again: tough sh*t.

I guess insurance companies are people too, my friends.


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