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Police Investigate Women's Deaths Linked To Illegal Buttocks Injections

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Police are investigating into the death of a Missouri woman after she reportedly received illegal buttocks injections at a hotel.

Daysha Phillips, 22, went to a hotel room at Drury Inn near Lambert-St. Louis International Airport last week to have the illegal buttocks injections, according to KMOV. She attended the meeting with three other woman, though it is unclear how much they each paid for the procedure. It’s also unclear what substance was injected into the women.

“The victim went into respiratory distress, it was determined by family members what had occurred that could have led up to it,” Chief Miklos Hurocy of the Edmundson Police Department said. “They added two and two together and we were notified.”

Phillips had reportedly received the injection once before without any problems.

Currently, police are searching through photos and video footage from the hotel in an effort to identify a suspect. It’s believed that Denise “Wee Wee” Ross, who was arrested for the death of a Dallas woman in February, could be involved in the case, Fox 2 Now reported.

Ross and transgender woman Jimmy Clarke were accused of injecting Wykesha Reid in February in a case similar to Phillips’. Both Ross and Clarke were indicted on a murder charge and charged with practicing medicine without a license.

The price of Reid’s injection was $520. According to one source, the injection was painful and Ross used super glue and cotton balls to close the injection site.

Following an autopsy, it was discovered that Reid died from silicone entering her veins and traveling to her heart. The silicone had then became trapped in her lungs.

Dallas and Edmundson police are currently working together since the two cases are so similar.

It’s expected to take four weeks before Phillips’ cause of death can be determined. The other three women who received injections are in good condition.

Sources: Fox News, KMOV

Photo Credit: KMOV


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