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Missouri Police: David Mangum Says He Exposed 300 Men to HIV

Police say David Lee Mangum, 36, has confessed to having sexual intercourse with 300 men and exposing them to HIV, the Daily Statesman reports.

The Dexter Police Department has arrested Mangum, of Missouri, and he is now charged with a Class A felony of Knowingly Infecting with HIV, having not disclosed a positive HIV test he took in 2003 to any of his sexual partners. The charge comes with the possibility of life in prison.

When asked in an interview with DPD Det. Cory Mills why he did not tell his partners about the positive HIV test, Mangum answered, “fear of rejection.”

According to a probable cause affidavit filed in Stoddard County court by Mills, a 28-year-old victim of Mangum stated that he wished to file a complaint against his former live-in and romantic partner. The victim received a positive HIV test from the Stoddard County Health Department in July 2013. The victim says that he had been infected by Mangum.

If no one had been infected, the charge would have been a Class B felony of Knowingly Exposing to HIV.

The victim said he met Mangum through a Craigslist “men for men” ad and that no protection was used in the first encounter or in any of the other 15 to 20 times encounters after that. He questioned Mangum before the encounter in regards to sexually transmitted diseases and was told by Mangum that he had no STDs.

The two broke up in June 2013 after the victim found out about Mangum was having relations with other men. Following their break up, the victim received a call from a former roommate of Mangum who stated that Mangum had tested positive for HIV in 2003.

In an interview with authorities, Mangum admitted to the positive test and stated he had approximately 300 partners since the test from 2003.

Mangum remains in Stoddard County Jail.

Source: Daily Statesman


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