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Missouri Mom Upset After Photography Company Removes Daughter's Glasses For School Photo

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Missouri mom Amanda Lubiewski was furious after her special needs daughter was asked to remove her glasses for school pictures in a move Lubiewski called discriminatory.

Abby Lubiewski, 3 and a half years old, must wear glasses in order to see more than just light and dark, since she suffers from a rare genetic syndrome called Hallerman-Streiff.

“I knew then that she couldn’t see, and I couldn’t quite comprehend what would be going through someone’s mind to ask her to take those off,” Mrs. Lubiewski told Fox 2 Now of the photo.

Mrs. Lubiewski noted it’s also problematic to see her daughter without her glasses, since the picture is the official photo authorities would use if her daughter went missing and without her glasses the picture looks nothing like Abby.

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Abby's school photo, without glasses. (Tribune Screen Grab via Yahoo! News)

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Abby with glasses. (Fox 2 Now)

When Mrs. Lubiewski found out that other students in Abby’s class were allowed to wear their glasses, she reached out to LifeTouch School Photography. When a spokesperson noted that two pictures of Abby had been taken with her glasses on, Mrs. Lubiewski argued that other school photographers had worked around the glare of the glasses in the past. In response, LifePhoto released a statement.

“We should have never had your daughter remove her glasses for the photo,” the company stated. “We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind on our team.”

LifeTouch has since offered to retake Abby’s picture for free. A photo session is scheduled for Monday.

Sources: Fox News, Yahoo! News / Photo Credit: Fox News

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