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Missouri Has No Sex Ed Classes, May Force Kids to Take Gun Course

In Missouri, there is no requirement that children take a sex ed class, but there may soon be a requirement to take the National Rifle Association’s Eddie Eagle Gunsafe Program.

The Missouri State Senate is considering a bill, sponsored by State Sen. Dan Brown (R-Rolla), that would require all first graders to take a gun safety training course paid for by the National Rifle Association, reports KCTV-TV.

Brown told the Senate General Laws Committee on Tuesday, "I hate mandates as much as anyone, but some concerns and conditions rise to the level of needing a mandate."

The bill would also require teachers to spend eight hours in a training course on how to respond to an armed killer, which would cost the state $16 million. After the initial eight hours of training, teachers would be required to undergo four additional hours every year.

However, State Sen. Jamilah Nasheed (D-St. Louis City) told KCTV-TV, "I think we should be teaching kids to read, write and do math."

While Missouri lawmakers consider this gun education course, reports that young people in the state suffer some of the highest rates of sexually transmitted diseases in the country. Additionally, 51 out of every 1,000 women in Missouri have an unintended pregnancy.


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