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Missouri Couple Cleared Of Abuse After Baby Sitter Allegedly Confesses To Shaking Baby (Video)

A Troy, Missouri, couple says they just want their baby boy back now that authorities believe he was injured when shaken by a baby sitter.

“It’s just upsetting that right now there’s been a confession and we still don’t have him back.” Mariah Ramirez told KTVI News in a videotaped interview (shown below). “It’s been really hard on us, and my son who had his injury, and then was taken from his parents.”

Authorities believe Ramirez’s 5-month-old son, Daniel, was injured July 22, the day she and Daniel’s father, Derek Podany, reportedly left the boy with a baby sitter.

They returned that evening to find Daniel lethargic and vomiting. A doctor told the parents it was likely a stomach bug, but when he showed no signs of improvement the next morning, Ramirez took him to the hospital. 

“They told me he had a subdural hemorrhage,” she said. “He had blood behind both of his eyes and two fractured ribs.” 

Because of his injuries, Daniel was placed in the custody of his grandmother, away from his parents.

Ramirez said that, shortly after the hospital visit, she received a call from another woman who said the baby sitter had confessed to her that she shook Daniel while he was in her care. 

Ramirez passed the information on to police who followed up with the baby sitter. The baby sitter reportedly admitted to police that she had shaken the baby. 

Authorities said keeping Daniel out of the custody of his parents was a precaution, pending the outcome of the criminal investigation. 

Now that it is completed, he will be returned once charges are filed against the baby sitter. Those are expected soon, as the case has been turned over to the St. Charles County prosecutor.

Doctors say Daniel is expected to make a full recovery. That’s rare, reports KTVI, as many such victims suffer permanent damage and at least 25 percent of shaken babies die from their injuries. 

And that tragedy became reality for an Ohio family earlier this year, police in the city of Mansfield said. 

In March, they arrested 61-year-old Brenda Pratt, alleging that she shook a 10-week-old baby girl so hard the child had to be rushed to a hospital where she died two weeks later. 

Pratt was subsequently charged in court with murder, involuntary manslaughter, endangering a child and felonious assault, WOIO News reported. 

The names of the baby and the family were not released. 

Sources: KTVI News, YouTube, WOIO News

Photo credit: Screen shot from YouTube


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