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Mississippi Woman Surprised With Identical Quadruplets While Giving Birth

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A Mississippi woman was surprised to hear that she’d be having quadruplets instead of the triplets that she had been expecting. The woman received this news while she was in labor, after she had already delivered the initial three babies. The news was given by the woman’s doctor, who said, simply, “There are more feet.” 

The woman, 42-year-old Kimberly Fugate, gave birth to her children almost 13-weeks prior to their due date. Despite the premature birth, the babies are reportedly doing well in the neonatal intensive care unit of the University of Mississippi Medical Center. According to ABC News, a shortened gestation time is typical for multiple births. Many triplets are born earlier than expected, and the fact that a fourth baby was involved may have something to do with the premature birth. 

All four of the Fugate babies are identical females. According to the Daily Mail, the chances of having identical quadruplets is “almost incalculable” — or around 13 million to one. 

Fugate had been undergoing the normal preparations prior to giving birth, including receiving regular ultrasounds. Somehow, however, the fourth child remained undetected by the ultrasound equipment. 

Although Fugate claims she was worried when the doctor informed her that a fourth baby was on its way, she described the arrival of the quadruplets as a “blessing.” She also claimed that she wont be able to take them out of observation in the intensive care unit until their original due date in May.

“I haven’t been able to hold them yet. It will be very exciting to get to take them home and love them,” Fugate said. 

Fugate and her husband, Craig, already have a 10-year-old daughter together. 


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