Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant Fires Latest Shot in GOP's War on Women

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Yet another male Republican politician has made an executive decision on how best to manage the vaginas in his state.

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant became the latest GOPer to join the state-by-state campaign to roll women’s rights back to the 1950s when he signed a bill this week requiring that all abortion providers in the state be board-certified OBGYNs with admitting privileges at an area hospital.

Bryant seems to be following the Religious Right’s war manual on this one. Republicans think they can avoid the complex constitutional issues implicated by restricting access to abortion by creating strange hurdles for healthcare providers trying to offer the lifesaving procedure.

They aren't preventing abortion. They're just making it extremely difficult to get one. Don't you see the distinction? I know it's hard with your puny female mind.

The new Mississippi law is the equivalent of telling patients with T-cell lymphoma that they have to find an oncologist who lives walking distance from an amusement park and can recite the Greek alphabet backwards while balancing 10 dinner plates on his head.

They aren’t banning abortion, per se. They’re just creating a set of arbitrary and obtrusive prerequisites that perfectly qualified physicians must meet before providing the procedure.

Gov. Bryant isn’t even trying to sell this legislative sleight-of-hand – that’s just how cocky the Right has become about their ability to repress women at the state level. In a statement Monday, Bryant all but admits that the bill is a shallow pretext for banning abortion, saying, “I believe that all human life is precious, and as governor, I will work to ensure that the lives of the born and unborn are protected in Mississippi.”

Unless you have the cruel misfortune of being born a Mississippi woman, right governor? Then your life isn’t worth much at all.

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