Miranda Kerr Breastfeeding Photo: Immodest?


Supermodel Miranda Kerr has published a photo of herself breastfeeding her new baby boy, Flynn, and critics are saying the photograph is immodest. On the CafeMom web site, where a story featuring the photo was published, one commenter says "All this article...[has] done is show one more time that a lot of breastfeeders take it way too far."

Other commenters are outraged by the idea that breasts would still be considered sexual even when feeding a baby: "It's nice to know that famous people with perfect bodies aren't afraid of using their breasts for what God intended them for."

In response to the storm of comments that followed their original Miranda Kerr story, CafeMom then followed up with an opinion piece on the breastfeeding photo. Writer Christie Haskell reminded readers, "Um, hello? Do you all remember what this woman does for a job? She's a Victoria's Secret model!"

Haskell went on to say she finds it "hysterical" that commenters would label it "disgusting" when a woman who's known for being semi-naked on a regular basis posts a picture of herself doing the same thing while feeding her child.

I agree with Haskell - walking a runway wearing lingerie is sexual, and some would say it's immodest: revealing the side of one breast (not even a nipple!) while feeding a baby is a natural, non-sexual activity. A commenter who says it's "disgusting" is actually revealing more about his or her dirty mind than about Kerr's intent to titillate.

Here's the photo in question:

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