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'Miracle Patch' is Sewn Into Tongue, Patients Lose 30 Pounds a Month (Video)

Beverly Hills, California plastic surgeon Dr. Nikolas Chugay has developed a plastic "miracle patch," which is sewn onto the tongue and makes it very difficult to eat (video below).

After the tongue patch surgery, eating solid food is so painful that the patient must follow a liquid diet of 800 calories a day.

According to Dr. Chugay's website, the diet "fulfills nutritional needs" and "maximizes weight loss results."

The unusual procedure, which has yet to be approved by the FDA, can supposedly help people lose up to thirty pounds a month.

Some people have trouble sleeping and moving their tongue after the patch is sewn in, reports Timemagazine.

The patch can only be worn for one month because the tongue's tissue grows back, and the patch could become part of the tongue, if not removed.

The patch is made from marlex, a plastic that is normally used to repair hernias.

The procedure costs $2,000 at Dr. Chugay's clinic, where 60 women have had it done since 2009.

The procedure is even more popular in Venezuela, where it only costs $150 and women flock to get patched.

Source: Time and


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