Minor League Team General Manager Gets Prostate Exam During Game (Video)


Andy Milovich, the general manager of the Texas Rangers' minor league team, the Myrtle Beach Pelicans, got a prostate exam during last night's game.

Only Milovich's face was on the stadium's screen during the seventh-inning stretch as he got his exam and tried to sing "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" with the crowd in Myrtle Beach, S.C. (video below)

The prostate exam was performed off-camera by Dr. Glenn Dangi in the team's radio booth.

"It wasn't bad," Milovich told ESPN. "The doc was done maybe 15 seconds into the song. I think my next exam is going to be a significant letdown."

Dr. Dangi added, "I did exams in prisons for three years and New York City for 17 years, and this was a first."

Milovich, who is 45, had never gotten a prostate exam before, but promised to do so if Fallon Emery, a 10-year-old girl with brain cancer, got 10,000 likes on her Facebook page. She topped 11,000, so Milovich had to bend over and drop his pants.

Emery watched Milovich sing and get his exam via live streaming video on her laptop.

"What she's going through as a 10-year-old girl is just heartbreaking and to have a day to recognize her, support her and generate the prayers and interest and support for her not only locally but across the country, it's really been amazing," Milovich told CarolinaLive.com. "We hope we can raise a lot of money to help them with the medical expenses as well."

As part of this "Prostate Awareness Night," the first 1,000 men in the stadium got foam fingers with blue ribbons to remind them to also get checked.

"I had a college friend tell me that what I did inspired him to get his first exam, so hopefully this saves some lives," stated Milovich. "The amount of people, who are either prostate-cancer survivors or people who have lost family members to prostate cancer, who have said what tonight meant to them has been overwhelming."

Sources: CarolinaLive.com and ESPN


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