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Minnesota State Worker John Hunt Accessed Thousands of Driver's License Photos to Gawk at Women (Video)

John Hunt, a Department of Natural Resources (DNR) administrative manager, illegally accessed driver's license data belonging to thousands of Minnesota women and kept 172 pictures of them on a work computer before being fired, according to prosecutors (video below).

According to, Hunt has been charged with misconduct by a public employee, unauthorized computer access, using encryption to conceal a crime and unlawful use of public data. Amazingly, the charges are only misdemeanors and gross misdemeanors.

Hunt averaged about 4,000 queries per year, but his supervisor told police that Hunt's job would not have required him to make more than 400 annually.

Prosecutors claim 11,747 of those queries were made while Hunt was off duty, and 7,085 were made on duty.

Prosecutors also claim that Hunt kept an encrypted file on a work computer called "Mug Shot" with license photos of 172 women, and that a Bureau of Criminal Apprehension agent also found 26 other license photos of women elsewhere on the computer.

Hunt was not arrested, but was summoned to appear in court in St. Paul, Minnesota on March 5.

The DNR database includes names, addresses, photographs, heights, weights, hair and eye color, and other information on each driver licensed in the state.

The DNR fired Hunt on Jan. 11 and sent letters to around 5,000 Minnesotans whose records he allegedly accessed. The letters said there was no indication the data was sold, disclosed to others or used for criminal purposes, and that no Social Security numbers were involved.



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