Minnesota House Passes 20 Week Abortion, Public Funding For Abortion Bans


The Minnesota House voted to pass a ban on all abortions after 20 week conception, refusing to allow an exception for fetuses with fatal abnormalities or for physical health of the mother.  Instead, abortions would only be allowed if the mother's life is in danger or she faces permanent physical harm.

Also, the House voted to pass a ban on public funding of abortion, a direct challenge to the Doe V. Gomez ruling stating that not allowing public funding of abortions constitutes taking away a poor woman's right to reproductive autonomy.

Both votes are expected to be vetoed by the governor after they pass the senate, which also has an anti-choice majority.  It would take 90 votes in the House then to override the governor's veto.

Neither vote passed with more than 82 votes.


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