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Minnesota Bar Offers Pregnancy Tests in Women's Bathroom

Pub 500 in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, is now offering pregnancy tests via a vending machine in the women’s bathroom. A sign on the machine says: “Think Before You Drink.”

Before ordering a drink, women can get pregnancy tests for $3 with a credit or debit card, reports the NY Daily News.

The unique vending machine was created by Healthy Brains for Children, a local non-profit that wants to “change the current norm so that a woman who could be pregnant is testing every time she is going to drink alcohol,” according ot their website.

Pub 500 co-owner Tom Frederick told ABC News: "I don't make a dime on the machine. We just gave them wall space. It was another worthy cause."

By placing pregnancy test dispensers in easily accessible places, Healthy Brains for Children wants women to have a constant reminder to make sure they’re not with child before getting a drink.

According to the Healthy Brains for Children website, over 70% of 20-29 year old women are having unexpected pregnancies.

The first trimester of pregnancy is a crucial time in development, when all the major organs of the body begin to form, according to Healthy Brains for Children.


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