Minnesota Bans Abortion At 20 Weeks -- Will Dayton's Veto Stand?


The Minnesota senate passed a ban on all abortions after 20 weeks, except in the case of saving a woman's life or saving her from irreparable physical harm.  The bill, which passed on a 42 to 24 vote, did not get enough votes to overrule the likely veto from Governor Dayton.

The House also passed a version of the bill which is said to be almost, but not completely, identical. The House version passed 8 votes shy of veto-proof.

As happy as I am to see both the 20 week ban and public fund for abortion ban pass without the amount of support needed to push it past a veto, I can't help but be nervous about the numbers.  I've seen enough last minute maneuverings in multiple states now that I can't help but wonder if there are enough votes to overturn the vetoes, and that some legislators are not voting for the bans now in order to save themselves from being pressured by pro-choice constituents and activists between now and the final post veto vote.

I hope I'm just being overly suspicious.  But these days, is there really such a thing as too mistrustful?


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