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Mike Huckabee Opposes Health Insurance Coverage for Cancer Patients (Video)

During an appearance on 'Fox and Friends' on Feb. 23, Fox News host and self-proclaimed Christian Mike Huckabee argued that people with pre-existing conditions, including those with cancer, should not get health insurance coverage because it would financially hurt the health insurance industry (video below).

According to, Huckabee, who is pro-life, blamed the rising costs of health care on "a combination of increasing the benefits and forcing [insurance companies] to put people on their policies with no regard to pre-existing conditions."

Huckabee made no mention of the enormous mark-up of medical costs by health care providers, which costs Americans billions each year, but he did attack people with pre-existing conditions such as cancer.

"Look, if you go to the insurance company and say, 'I'd like to buy insurance.' Okay, tell me about yourself. 'Well, I have terminal cancer and they give me eight months to live and my treatments are $120,000 a month and I'd like to buy insurance.' You can't buy it for $100 a month and expect the insurance company to stay in business," said Huckabee.

"It's not about being cruel. It's about the realities of just using actuary science when it comes to making an insurance policy work."

Huckabee provided no alternative solutions for cancer victims. Nor did Huckabee mention that, genetically, all humans have pre-existing conditions in their DNA, which, according to his logic, would disqualify everyone from health insurance coverage.



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