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Mike Huckabee Blames Contraception for Sandy Hook Massacre

Mike Huckabee is full of reasons for the Sandy Hook massacre, all of which are extreme and outlandish. After blaming a lack of prayer in the classroom and homosexuals, now he places the blame on contraception.

The Fox News host and former Governor of Arkansas is no stranger to controversy. The extreme conservative is known for making unintelligent statements and blaming just about every bad incident on the Democrats, homosexuals, and anyone who isn’t a Republican.

Taking the bible too literally, extremists like Huckabee believe that God truly smites those who disobey by murdering their children. Therefore, clearly the innocent children who were murdered had it coming since their parents were immoral.

This past Saturday, Huckabee stated on Fox News that no one should be shocked “that a culture without [God] reflects what it has become.”

Huckabee backs his claims by claiming the government forces Christian-owned businesses provide tax-funded abortion pills. Through this, Huckabee believes that America has banished God from our culture. Due to the lack of God, it shouldn’t be surprising that our culture has come to elementary school massacres and other acts of violence.

The problem with Huckabee’s statement is that he doesn’t have his facts straight. Under Obamacare contraception mandate, there is no provided coverage for abortifacients. However, even beyond Huckabee’s misinformation, the man needs to stop using horrific incidents such as the Sandy Hook massacre to promote his own right wing agenda.


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