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Michigan State University Donates More Than $40,000 to Ovarian Cancer Awareness to Get Back at Rival School

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When rival school University of Michigan scrawled their “Go Blue” mantra in the sky above the Michigan State University’s stadium, alumni Scott Westerman decided to respond in a meaningful way: donating to the Ovarian Cancer Alliance.

A pilot himself, Westerman was disturbed by the $3,000 he estimated it cost UM to write their mantra, and requested instead that MSU alumni and students respond with a good deed for the same price.

In a message posted through social media and on his website Saturday evening, Westerman wrote: “the sheer cost of this momentary chest beating gives the unfortunate perception of malice.”

He asked that readers make a $10 to $50 donation to the Michigan Ovarian Cancer Alliance in honor of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and his wife, who has combated the cancer twice.

Ending ovarian cancer is especially important to MSU, where the drug most prescribed for it, carboplatin, was invented.

By Tuesday, the school and its partners had raised $40,000.

“Who wins a football game on a Saturday may be consequential in the athletic history books,” Westerman said, “but I like to think that perhaps one of those many $5 contributions will be the tipping point to help eradicate this horrible disease for Spartans, Wolverines, and the world.”

Sources: MLive, CBS Sports


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