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Michigan Man With 100-Pound Scrotum Seeks To Raise $20,000 For Reduction Surgery

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Dan Maurer had little hope of recovering from his mysterious medical issue until he watched a TLC documentary about a man with the same condition: scrotal lymphedema.

The condition has caused Maurer to walk around with a 100-pound scrotum since his late 20s, an issue caused by lymphatic vessel blockages.  

The problem was continuously misdiagnosed for years, with some doctors insisting that Maurer lose weight or receive treatment at a wound center. Both recommendations were unsuccessful, and Maurer had lost hope of recovery until he saw the TLC documentary called “The Man with the 132-Pound Scrotum."

“I was like, that’s what I have,” Maurer said.

Although Wesley Warren, the feature of the documentary, had his scrotum removed, he later died from a combination of diabetes and heart attacks. However, not to be discouraged, Maurer found a doctor who could perform the same surgery.

Now, Maurer is raising money to see a doctor in California who can reduce the size of his scrotum. He hopes to raise $20,000 on GoFundMe to perform the procedure.

Maurer noted that he is not undergoing the surgery for himself, but for his wife.

“Me personally, I don’t see me being worth it,” Maurer said, “but she is to me, so that’s why I go through all of this.”

Mrs. Maurer admitted that even though she and her husband have not been able to have sex in seven years, she still loves him and will support him through the surgery.

“When you say those marriage vows, you either mean them or you don’t,” she said. “I meant them.”

So far, Maurer has managed to raise almost $11,000.

Sources: NY Daily News, USA Today


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