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Michigan Couple Welcomes 13th Son Into The World After Hoping For A Girl

A couple in western Michigan welcomed their 13th son into the world on May 13. They had hoped for a daughter, but were still overjoyed with their new child.

Kateri Schwandt, 40, was due to give birth the Saturday before Mother’s Day, however, the baby didn’t come until Wednesday. As part of a tradition that she and her husband, Jay Schwandt, have, they chose not to learn the sex of their child in advance.

The couple has yet to pick a name for their son who weighs 8 pounds 15 ounces. They had their first child, Tyler, when they were in college.

“I love being pregnant,” said Kateri, as reported by Daily Mail. “I've spent half of my life being pregnant. It's very neat and very special.”

She and Jay had been trying for a girl for 22 years, according to Daily Mail, and Kateri had incorrectly predicted that they would have a daughter after having 12 sons. The chance of giving birth to 12 sons in a row is as low as .02 percent, according to the calculation of genetics counselor.

During a family appearance on Good Morning America, the couple’s twelve children: Tyler, 22, Zach, 19, Drew, 18, Brandon, 16, Tommy, 13, Vinnie, 12, Calvin, 10, Gabe, 8, Wesley, 6, Charlie, 5, Luke, 3, and Tucker were present. When they were asked to raise their hands if they wanted another brother, only three did so.

Sources: Daily Mail, Yahoo News

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