Michelle Obama Tells Kids to Walk to School, Don't Take Bus


First Lady Michelle Obama rankled many school children with her healthy school lunch program designed to fight sky-rocketing obesity and diabetes in the U.S.

However, her latest proposal may also draw jeers from parents. Mrs. Obama is promoting walking to school instead of taking the bus.

While speaking to mayors gathered at the White House last week, Mrs. Obama mentioned Knox County, Tennessee's “walking school bus,” which is when adult chaperones walk with students to school, noted CNSNews.com.

“I've heard more and more of this kind of walking school bus happening all over the country, so that kids can get exercise on the way to school, kind of like we did when we were growing up," said Mrs. Obama.

"You remember the miles of walking you did with a sweet potato in your pocket? We all heard that story. My mother repeated it just yesterday. And that’s what Let’s Move! is all about. That’s what we're really trying to do here."

“It’s about people all across this country coming together to take action to support the health of our kids," added Mrs. Obama. "We’ve seen it happen in cities, towns and rural areas across the United States."

This is not the first time Obama has called for kids to walk to school.

Mrs. Obama said at the International Walk to School Day in 2010: "By walking or biking to school, students, parents, teachers, and administrators all across America are getting active. It also helps kids get a head start on being active for 60 minutes each day, the goal set by the Presidential Active Lifestyle program."

WalkingSchoolBus.org, a website created by the Department of Transportation, states: "Studies show that fewer children are walking and biking to school, and more children are at risk of becoming overweight. Changing behaviors of children and parents require creative solutions that are safe and fun."

Source: WalkingSchoolBus.org and CNSNews.com


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